The morning came and killed my dreams. Again.
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Question Meme

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Questions :

1.How old are you?

almost 20

2.Where are you from?

from Italy

3.Favourite book?

Itazura na Kiss (it’s actually a comic, but right now i can’t say for sure what my favourite book is! I once used to read a lot of books but now i don’t read as much as before -i haven’t read anything worth mentioning recently either; i remember i appreciated a lot Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore but as i said i’m not sure if it’s my favourite book)

4.Favourite movie?

Howl’s Moving Castle/ The Emperor’s New Groove 

5.Favourite song(s)?

idk i change my mind very often about this… i’d say  Gymnopedie n.1 by Erik Satie, tho it’s not a song.

6.Favourite fictional character(s)? 

Hiruma Yoichi/ Kurapika/ Edward Elric/ Sailor Moon

7.Favourite band?

Arctic Monkeys

8.Favourite TV show?

The Game of Thrones/ HxH/ Snk/ Psycho-Pass/ Eureka 7/ Fma: B (they’re too many)

9.Favourite food?

probably Pizza .. but i’m not sure of this anymore. I just like eating!

10.What is your greatest talent?

i whistle incredibly well. it’s a useless talent i know but honestly i can’t do anything else so well ahah

11.What would you like to do in a future?

i want to marry the man i love, have children with him and live happily in a peaceful and livable country, doing a job that suits me and i’m good at and that makes me earn enough money to sustain my family and let my children’s dreams come true. 

My questions:

1.What does scare you the most?

2.What does make you happy?

3.Favourite tv show/anime?

4.If you could be a fictional character, it would be..?

5.What would you want to change in your life style?

6.Favourite quote?

7.If you could move, where’d you go and why?

8.The line you say more often?

9.Who you admire the most?

10.How’d you describe your ideal partner?

11.What do you think you’re good at?

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reading magi chapter 221

First i was like ‘’omg omg here’s  my precious otp development I was waiting for!!’’

Then I was like ‘’omg no solomon you’re not supposed to be this handsome and nice towards arba, weren’t you supposed to fall in love with sheba?!! omg I have this feeling i got a new notp’’ and like ”omg solomon when did you become so gorgeous and perfect and aasbdgfgzbzhsjdk”

In the end I was totally like  ‘’oh sheba I know how you feel my poor little thing -you see, things will get better sooner or later! don’t give up!”

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Palm Siberia - # 1 (Hunter x Hunter: 2011, ep. 123) 
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Palm Siberia - Black Widow (Hunter x Hunter: 2011, ep. 124)