The morning came and killed my dreams. Again.
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At that time, i thought i could escape.
I thought i’d be taken somewhere out of this world.
I got my hopes up a little.
But that’s impossible, isn’t it?
I’m not playing by the rules.
As if anyone would just take me away when i wanted them to.
I’m so stupid.
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You’re too cute for your own good.
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It's the same for the other deadly sins, right? I don't think it's good thing to never get angry. I think pride and greed are also important. If you can never feel pride, then that means you have no self confidence. And someone who never feels greed wouldn't be able to support their family. New technologies would never have been invented if people never felt envy. If you can never get angry at anything, that probably means you have nothing that you like, either.
Hunter x Hunter: ch. 343
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